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Personal Snippet Supreme Shortcodes Visual Composer Snippet on Flickr.

We’ve created all those page snippets to show you that building exceptional pages can be really easy.
Use them as a base to start creating your awesome stuff.

DEMO + FREE DOWNLOAD:… Make Super Cool Snippets easily with Supreme Shortcodes Builder + Visual Composer!

All Page Snippets are available for Download from the top of each Page Snippet page. If you are using Visual Composer Plugin you can Download Page Snippet like Visual Composer Template and paste it in your Post/Page Text Edit Mode.

Now there’s really no need to purchase and overload your #WordPress #website with another #plugin! #Supreme #Shortcodes introduce a brand new #shortcode for your collection, #IconBoxes! Options and colors are unlimited! You can choose the position of the #icon (left, right, top or bottom) or even the shape of the icon holder. Weather you choose #circle or #square, your #iconbox will look amazing. But what’s more exciting, you are not limited to only title and little text inside your #icon #box! Content can hold another #WP shortcode, any text formatting, image and so much more! More Photos:

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